Our Quality
Is Unbeatable
Microfiche Scanning

Using specialist equipment, the only such in the UK, we simply cannot be beaten on quality.
The technology is focused on image quality. The images converted from any kind of fiche are truly remarkable, the clarity of the electronic image is better than the fiche original. The conversion shows every individual mark, the date stamps, the pencil lines, the folds, creases and even the shadow of the pages on the original microfilming board!

Low Prices and
Fast Turnarounds
Document Scanning

Unlike many other Microfiche Conversion process, a large benefit of ours is the low cost. Typically, costs are less than half of the current UK standard costs, for a full featured, high quality conversion.
Turnaround times are also reduced significantly due to our ability to scan around 800,000 frames per week standing us apart from conventional methods producing little over 70,000 frames per week per operator.

FREE Sample
Scans Available
Large Format Scanning

We would love to scan a sample of your actual fiche for you free of charge and obligation so that you can see the results for yourself. You will not believe the clarity we can provide, particularly if you have looked into conversion before and know how bad results can be!
If you have a Microfiche Conversion project then please contact us via the form below, or give us a call on 08445 04 04 13.

Microfiche Scanning

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Scan and Store Solution

Talk to us about our managed "scan and store" solution. We will store the fiche, you can remove your reader printer and cancel any maintenance contracts. Free file retrievals whilst having the fiche scanned steadily over 3-5 years from just 500 pounds a month


Free File Retrievals

Our file retrieval service is completely free of charge. If you need a document whilst we have it, we will scan and email it securely, for FREE!


Archival Format PDF Output

All images produced are provided back in PDF/A-1B, and conform with ISO 19005-1, the recognised standard for electronic document file formats for long term preservation.


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