Quality Control
Microfiche Scanning

Paper Capture pride ourselves on quality. Our 200% Quality Control check on every page we scan ensures that we keep our pride intact. Every image scanned, whether from paper, Microfiche or Film is checked against the original document by the scanning operator at the point of scanning. A further 100% page to image Qualty Check is then carried out by a qualified Quality Control operator at indexing stage.

Slow &Steady
Wins the Race
Document Scanning

To ensure that quality is maintained, we only use hand fed scanners. This allows our operators to check each and every image against the paper copy whilst scanning and means a huge drop in rescans and rework in comparison with others. This therefore saves us time and money far in excess of the speed lost by not using belt driven scanners allowing us to provide a first class product at a second class cost.

No Comparison
on Image Quality
Large Format Scanning

When it comes to clarity and legibility, we lead the way. Clicking the link below will take you to our comparison page which shows our scans against some of our competitors. Our market leading equipment, the only such in the UK, cannot be beaten on quality of image. We offer free sample scans so why not get in touch and request us to collect a sample of your work for scanning at no charge.

Microfiche Scanning

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Legal Admissibility for Scanned Documents

BIP0008 is the legal admissibility standard for electronic documents, and compliance will ensure your documents are accepted as if they were originals in both a court of law and by HMRC.


Archival Standard PDF/A

With our scanning services we offer PDF conversion to PDF/A and also OCR services. These services are also available individually and you do not need to have documents scanned with us to benefit. Simply send us electronic images and we can convert them to either PDF, OCRd PDF or Full OCR into text for editing.


Free File Retrievals

Our file retrieval service is completely free of charge. If you need a document whilst we have it, we will scan and email it securely, for FREE!


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