Paper Document
Microfiche Scanning

Paper Capture Ltd are able to convert any paper documents into electronic format. We have specialist and extensive knowledge of the document scanning industry and can guarantee you a cost effective solution to your paper scanning or records scanning requirements whatever your project.

Document Scanning

Paper Capture Ltd are the first, and only, UK company to make use of a new technology which provides fantastic quality, low cost scans from Microfiche format. The images converted from any kind of fiche are truly remarkable, the clarity of the electronic image is better than the fiche original.

Large Format
Large Format Scanning

With the ability to scan any large documents, up to 46 inches wide, and of unlimited length, Paper Capture are Large Format Scanning Specialists. Our scanners can scan black and white, Greyscale or colour in multiple resolutions to provide our clients with a first class product, first time.

Microfiche Scanning

Some of Our Other Services


PO Box Mail Scanning

With our Mail Scanning Service, all of our clients post is received by us, via a PO Box, and then scanned and emailed over as separate PDF files to the relevant client's staff member by 10.30am that morning. Why not discover more about this service?


OCR and PDF Services

With our scanning services we offer PDF conversion to PDF/A and also OCR services.
These services are also available individually and you do not need to have documents scanned with us to benefit. Simply send us electronic images and we can convert them to either PDF, OCRd PDF or Full OCR into text for editing.


Film, Slide or Half Plate Scanning

Alongside our market leading Microfiche Conversion service, we also offer Roll Film, Slide or Half Plate scanning services. We are able to convert nearly any film based media into electronic format.


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