Cheaper than
your current costs
Microfiche Scanning

Using Paper Captures Store and Scan solution you will save money immediately.
The current cost of owning Microfiche involves maintenance of your reader printer, breakdowns, toner, bulbs and paper. There is also the cost of staff having to look for a fiche, work out how to print it and spending more time messing around with brightness settings trying to get a legible image. Have we mentioned the cost of the floor space, not only of the reader printer, but also the cabinets themselves.

Storage is
Document Scanning

A Store and Scan solution, with ZERO storage charges? Paper Capture do not charge for storage of your Microfiche. We charge a fixed monthly fee which covers the cost of scanning a set amount of Microfiche each month, and therefore making the storage issue a diminishing one over time. ALL retrievals are FREE and guaranteed within 4,8 or 24 hours depending on the package.
Starting from just £250 per month can you afford not to talk to us about this solution.

The Highest
Quality Scans
Large Format Scanning

With our Store and Scan solution you still benefit from our market leading scanning process. You will not believe the quality of the images we produce with our equipment, the only such in the UK.
Every single tiny little detail can be seen from creases in the pages, pencil marks, date stamps even the shadow of the paper on the original Microfilming boards!
We offer free samples so why not get in touch and request a scanning sample to see for yourself.

Microfiche Scanning

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Archival Standard PDF/A

All of the Microfiche we scan are supplied back to our clients in Archival Standard PDF/A-1B format. We also supply clients with a set of JPEG images. PDF/A-1B is also ideal for public access as they can be set up as read only files.


Free File Retrievals

Our file retrieval service is completely free of charge. If you need a document whilst we have it, we will scan and email it securely, for FREE!


Legal Admissibility for Scanned Documents

BIP0008 is the legal admissibility standard for electronic documents, and compliance will ensure your documents are accepted as if they were originals in both a court of law and by HMRC.


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